Amy’s Pomeroon Coffee – Dark Roast

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The Amy’s Pomeroon brand of coffee is made from premium coffee beans sourced from the pristine Rainforest of Guyana. Pomeroon coffee beans are dark roasted to perfection and ideal for those how enjoy a rich and bold cup of coffee. This premium dark roast also produces an out of this world espresso.

This coffee is sent out as roasted beans, if ground is required, indicate in the notes at checkout.

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This magnificent coffee from Guyana is the best tasting coffee and provides a one of a kind and unprecedented coffee/espresso experience.

Flavour Profile:

Harvest: Hand Picked / 100% Natural
GMO Free: Yes
Pesticide Free: Yes
Fertilizer: Natural/ Nurtured by the soil of the Amazon Rainforest
Origin: Amazon Rainforest of Guyana
Process: Wet Method
Storage: GrainPro Bags
Processing Country: Canada

Important Consumption Note:

It’s recommended that this premium coffee is consumed black with Guyana Demerara Sugar.

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