Guyana Rainforest Coffee – Medium Roast

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This is our signature medium roast coffee that is a wonderful experience for all. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker this is an opportunity that should not be missed. Coffee of Guyana is of the highest quality of taste and 100% naturally grown in the Amazon Rainforest of Guyana.

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Importing coffee from Guyana is filling the demand for people of the Guyanese community and coffee drinkers of all types. We are providing a brand new coffee experience to the North American consumer. This a new experience because for the first time in history coffee from the origin of Guyana is being exported.

Flavour Profile:

Harvest: Hand Picked / 100% Natural
GMO Free: Yes
Pesticide Free: Yes
Fertilizer: Natural/Nurtured by rich soil from The Amazon Rainforest
Origin: Amazon Rainforest of Guyana
Process: Wet Method
Inspection: Inspected by the Department of Agriculture
Storage: GrainPro Bags
Processing Country: Canada
Brewing Method: French Press, Moka Pot and Manual Drip

Important Consumption Note:

It’s recommended that this premium coffee is consumed black with Guyana Demerara Sugar.

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